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Mister Friends & Magic Strangers

by 4wordjazz

Released 2014
Proclaim the Gospel
Released 2014
Proclaim the Gospel
Take Ronnie Laws, Grover Washington Jr. and George Clinton mixed with a little McFadden and Whitehead and you have the debut release from 4WORDjazz! A creative mix of smooth jazz, blues and funk to tantalize the soul!
4WORDjazz returns music to an era when music was played live and times were carefree and fun.
Spawned from the gospel band 4WORD, founding members Jeff Watson, Harold Peters and John Lewis have played before crowds at the L.A. County Fair, L. A. Marathon, the Orange County Marathon, Gospel Brunch at the House of Blues, Harry O’s El Segundo, and the Perris California Black History Parade.
With their debut project, Mister Friends and Magic Strangers, 4WORDjazz introduces the world to a new type of jazz, jazz funk or junk music is how the band refers to the analog and digital mix that has taken years to perfect.
Mister Friends and Magic Strangers features covers’ of favorites like “Ain’t No Stoppin’ Us Now” and Mister Magic with some banging originals like Too Funky 4 Jazz and Coastline.
Discover 4WORDjazz and jazz funk or junk music with their new CD Mister Friends and Magic Strangers.