1. is that you

From the recording WWYD

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Verse 1

Life is precious that's true

Is unborn life worth more than me and you 

Where in the Word does God care

Bout legislating what we do here


Is that you, willing to kill for your truth or to do what you want to 

Understand, the fatal flaw in your plan, God does not think like a man 

Verse 2

Sister to sister, brother to brother 

They just want a chance to love one another 

I do not recommend it

But it's God's goodness that brings repentance 



All lives matter at the end of the day 

But police are killing black and brown everyday

When will we learn when will it get through

You're just like me, I'm just like you

Verse 3

How racist think, here's a clue

If some get rights you think they're taking from you

Not pointing fingers but this you must do

Ask this question of you and your crew