1. WWYD

From the recording WWYD

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(What would you do) if you find your girl in another's bed
(what would you do) with another guy who's digging her out instead
(what would you do) would you fight, shoot, beat scream or just cry
(what would you do) think long and hard the decision might change your life

Verse 1
Now Sally's a girl I've known since we were five
sweethearts through school grew up made her my wife
I'm standing here and I can't believe my eyes
Sally's getting it on with some other guy


Verse 2
Get the shotgun out both barrels loaded full
Heading back to the room about to lose my cool
Sally's in the room realizing I just got in
That's when fit hit the shan the drama is about to begin


Verse 3
Push Sally aside come out you punk a** trick
how long has this been going on before I fill you with lead
as He turns around I recognize just who this is
my brother from another, my ace homie brother was getting what's not his